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Fast Track Site Permitting Process

Chesterfield County has developed a “fast track” process to expedite those projects that bring a significant economic impact to Chesterfield County.

To receive this designation, a company must make a request to the Director of Economic Development that their project be designated as fast track.

Requests that meet the fast track criteria will then be forwarded to the Deputy County Administrator for Community Development who will make the final determination on fast track designation.

Because Chesterfield County will expend significant resources expediting these review processes, the applicant, project engineer, and project architect must also commit that they will exercise their respective roles in a similar time frame.

Upon submittal of a complete plan of development, the county’s Site Plan Team will review the documents in three working days, arrange a work session with the engineer and owner to discuss any comments, and address the changes which should be made in order to obtain site plan approval.

Upon second submission of plans, the same process will be repeated and it will continue until the plans are submitted in approvable form; however, plans not approved within three submittals will be reconsidered for continuation of fast track status.

A similar system will be utilized for the building permit review process which may run concurrently.

The comments from the Site Plan Team about any site plan, (not just fast track projects), are posted daily on the county’s web site so developers, land-owners, or engineers can review them without making a trip to the county Government Center.