State and Local Government

Virginians take great pride in their long tradition of sound government. The state and local tax burden is one of the lowest in the country.

Virginia offers a stable, predictable tax and regulatory environment. Taxes are low and have been that way for years.

The state’s corporate income tax rate, which has a flat rate of six (6%) percent, has not changed since 1972.

The Virginia Constitution mandates that the state and all of its localities balance their budgets each year.

Nowhere are the principles of good government, fiscal integrity and public-private partnership more evident than in Chesterfield County.

Chesterfield County Government

Chesterfield County provides complete local government services including fire protection, police protection, and emergency rescue services to all businesses and residents.

Chesterfield is also responsible for its own school system and its own public utilities system.

Chesterfield contains no incorporated towns.

Chesterfield is divided into five magisterial districts, each of which is represented by one official elected to serve a four-year term on the Board of Supervisors (BOS).

The BOS employs a County Administrator who serves as the county’s Chief Administrative Officer.

The BOS is responsible for establishing local public policy, raising local resources for the support of public programs, and overseeing the conduct of Chesterfield’s affairs through its appointed administrative officials.

Chesterfield County government, as a political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, also assists in the local implementation of Virginia state laws and programs.

County Government Structure

  • Chesterfield has a Charter form of government.
  • A five member Board of Supervisors is elected by district.
  • The Board appoints the County Administrator.

Scope of Services

  • County provides all local government services.
  • No overlapping of boundaries with cities or towns.
  • Public education supported by county taxes via transfer to the School Board.

Property Taxes & Bond Ratings

  • Property tax rates established by the Board of Supervisors each spring after a public hearing.
  • Chesterfield County is one of only a few counties in the nation to hold AAA ratings from all three major bond rating agencies.

County Debt

  • General obligation debt must be approved in a referendum.
  • Debt secured solely by project revenue does not require a referendum. The debt management policy sets a ceiling ratio of debt to assessed value at 3.5 percent.
  • No legal debt limit; in practice, county limits general obligation debt to 3.5 percent of assessed value and a target ratio of 3 percent.

Other Financial Issues

  • Virginia law requires a balanced budget.
  • Chesterfield Department of Budget & Management prepares the current Biennial Financial Plan.
  • Consistently improving bond ratings allow the county’s general obligation bonds to trade at AAA rates.

Code of Ordinances

Chesterfield County’s Code of Ordinances is available for online viewing. Zoning and subdivision ordinances are available on a Chesterfield Planning Department web page.

Public Safety Services

Chesterfield County provides excellent public safety services to all businesses and residents. The county has a low crime rate and its streets are among the safest for residents and motorists.