Business Advantages

Companies have been choosing Chesterfield County, Virginia as a place to do business for nearly 400 years. The first iron furnace in the United States was built in Chesterfield. The first recorded commercial coal mines in North America operated in Chesterfield.

Today, Chesterfield is still writing its own fas­cinating history. As one of Virginia’s largest localities, it’s recognized for its prime Mid-­Atlantic location. A robust pro-business economy. And a progressive attitude built on the foundation of a proud work ethic.

Chesterfield County is home to an expanding list of large companies and small businesses. The local economy continues to grow with frequent announcements about expansions or new facilities.

Complete local government services including fire protection, police protection, and emergency rescue services are funded by a fair and competitive tax structure.

The local transportation system can handle traffic flow without the gridlock experienced in other metro areas. Low to moderate costs of utility services make Chesterfield a bargain for business.

Among the many other advantages of doing business in Chesterfield are local and state economic development incentive programs, a variety of workforce services programs and an overall low cost of living and doing business.

Most importantly, Chesterfield has a business climate conducive to wealth creation and economic opportunity.