Stay Here. Grow Here.

Everyone wins when local businesses are successful! Chesterfield County has joined forces with our regional partners to create the Business First program.

Business First is a team of volunteers who interview local companies throughout the year. These interviews provide the opportunity to discuss successes, obstacles, and needed resources.

The goal of Business First Chesterfield is to grow the local economy by connecting local businesses with the tools needed to thrive.

Outreach and resources are customized to the needs of each business.

The program’s multiple components work together to create a proactive support system that encourages growth, job creation and investment.

Assistance offered through the program is varied but typical services include:

  • Expansion support
  • Connection to state and local incentive programs
  • Facility, utilities and equipment needs
  • Exporting and international trade
  • Workforce recruiting and training
  • Business planning
  • Financing

Business is our first priority. Set up an appointment with a Business First team member in Chesterfield today and share your story!