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Cosby High School in Chesterfield

Education and training are top priorities for Chesterfield County and the surrounding area. Close ties with local businesses and industries mean 21st century skills are being developed in the area's universities. All of the area's educational programs and curriculum emphasize lifetime learning and continuous improvement for all students.

Public Schools

Chesterfield County has the largest school system in the Richmond Metropolitan Area and has established innovative programs to serve an increasingly diverse student body.

Several progressive measures have been taken to improve and enhance the normal school curricula. These include reading specialists in every school, gifted-and-talented programs, intensive modern language courses, and advanced levels in science and mathematics.

Specialty centers at each high school provide new choices for students and families within the public school setting. In addition to the Mathematics and Science High School, the International Baccalaureate program is offered at two schools; other specialty centers focus on visual and performing arts, health science, mass communications, engineering, technology, international relations and foreign language immersion.

A strong emphasis on computer literacy exists throughout the school system, and English as a Second Language programs are easily accessible to every child and adult in the county who requires them.

The Chesterfield County Public Schools Profile provides additional information about the school system.

Private Schools

Seventy-seven private and parochial elementary and secondary schools have enrollment of more than 14,000. Many private high schools are college preparatory schools with virtually all graduates going on to four-year colleges.

The International Baccalaureate program, study abroad, community service, and military training are available. Special weekend and evening schools offering classes in language and culture have been created by the local German, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean communities.

Higher Education

There are many higher education opportunities available to students and workers living in Chesterfield. Eleven area colleges and universities offer a full range of associate, undergraduate, and graduate degree programs, including business, engineering, law, and medicine. Additionally, these institutions offer strong evening and continuing education degree programs for working adults.

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