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Residential Growth Trends

The Chesterfield Planning Department produces an annual report in conjunction with the Capital Improvement Program review process to help determine the need for future public facilities. The report contains population growth projections for specific communities located throughout the county.

These projections are based on a number of factors including recent trends, available building lots, approved land zoning and rezoning applications, and potential expansion of existing developments. These projections are a good indicator of future residential development trends in Chesterfield.

The planning department has identified twenty-five county communities using data related to school boundaries, location of shopping centers, the location of local institutions (such as churches) and travel patterns. Some communities were easily defined. Older communities such as Ettrick and Bon Air have definable boundaries, about which there is widespread agreement. Other areas, where there are larger proportions of vacant land, or that developed without a commercial center, were harder to define. Over time, these boundaries may need to change to reflect citizen comments, changes in growth or travel patterns.

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More information is available on the Planning Department Web Site.

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