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A business needs a first choice location for its facilities and a high-quality living environment for its employees. It would be no exaggeration to say that Chesterfield offers business and industry the best of both worlds.

An aerial view of the county reveals well-established, well-tended suburban neighborhoods surrounded by acres of untouched hardwood forest, while a drive along the county's main business corridors would convince you that Chesterfield is on the upward swing of a growth and expansion curve, with handsome new commercial developments cropping up at every turn.

New roads, new business opportunities, and new technology seem to thrive side by side with a rich history and a profound respect for the land.

Comprehensive land use plans have preserved the natural beauty of the county while allowing progressive development of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Long-range, transportation planning has created efficient highway and expressway systems free of the gridlock and long commuting times that characterize other metropolitan areas.

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