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Real Estate Records

The Department of Real Estate Assessments is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date records on each locally assessed parcel of real estate in Chesterfield County. Written documents, deeds, wills, etc., relating to the ownership of real estate filed in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of Chesterfield County are received and processed daily by the Office of Real Estate Assessments. Individual real estate records are available at the Assessor's Office during office hours and provide:

  • legal description
  • location of the property
  • improvements on or to the property
  • identification of ownership
  • transfers of ownership
  • what was paid for the property (or its estimated market value)
  • assessed value of each property.

Real Estate Assessments

The Assessor's Office is responsible for assessments and equalization of assessments of all locally assessed real estate, taxable and tax exempt, located in the county. Assessments are performed annually; the assessment year commences on the first day of January and ends on the last day of December. Persons owning real estate on the first day of January are charged with the property assessment for the year beginning on that day.

Real Estate Taxes

For information on real estate taxes, visit the Treasurer's Office web page. Real estate tax rates can be found on the Local Tax Rates page in the Government Services section of this site.

Exemptions and Deferments

The Assessor's Office administers and keeps track of individuals or properties eligible for tax exemptions and other forms of property tax adjustments. The exempt classification, or real estate not subject to taxation, applies to real estate owned and exclusively used by organizations which meet the mandates of the State Constitution and the Statutes of the Commonwealth of Virginia (churches, lodges, civic, and educational associations, federal, state, and local governments etc.). For further information on tax exemption contact the Assessor's Office.

This office also administers programs offering partial exemption from, or certain tax credits on, real estate taxes based on the rehabilitation or preservation of properties that qualify for exemption. These programs include the Enterprise Zone which promotes the revitalization of a designated area by increasing economic activity, and the Residential Rehab and Historic Preservation programs which encourage the rehabilitation and preservation of older or historic properties. For information on the Enterprise Zone program, contact the Economic Development Office during regular office hours at (804)318-8550, and for information concerning the Residential Rehab and Historic Preservation programs contact the Assessor's Office.

A special use value taxation program (land use program) provides for adjustments to assessments of real estate qualifying under one of four special classifications:

  1. agricultural
  2. horticultural
  3. forest
  4. open space.

For further information on the land use program, contact the Assessor's Office during office hours.

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