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Business First Chesterfield

Business First Chesterfield

Everyone wins when local businesses are successful. Thatís why, for the past 12 years, a key economic development initiative has focused on face-to-face interviews with key executives of existing businesses.

Youíve told us about your needs, including workforce issues and the importance of attracting low-cost carriers to Richmond International Airport. This has resulted in community action on these and other issues.

The Business First initiative is an enhancement of this long-standing business outreach effort and involves Chesterfield County Economic Development, the Greater Richmond Partnership, Inc., the Greater Richmond Chamber, and economic development professionals in Hanover County, Henrico County and the City of Richmond.

Volunteers and members of the Chamberís Business Councils support the program. Through the outreach program, a volunteer, a fellow member of Chesterfieldís business community schedules a visit and ask that you answer some questions regarding your experiences operating your business in Chesterfield County. These questions are designed to help us identify areas that businesses view as obstacles that hinder their ability to operate efficiently and will help us to formulate programs and services to address those concerns. The interview generally takes about forty-five minutes.

Existing businesses account for an estimated 70 to 80 percent of new economic activity in the region. The Business First dialogue will help economic development, community development, and workforce development professionals better understand individual businesses and their needs. A strong regional economy not only bolsters existing businesses, but also helps attract new investment and qualified employees.

Business is our first priority. Set up an appointment with a Business First team member in Chesterfield today and share your story!

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