Chesterfield Business Assistance

Doing Business with Chesterfield County

The Purchasing Department is the county service organization that has the responsibility of centralized procurement of commodities, services, construction, and professional services for Chesterfield County and Chesterfield County Schools. The department's goal is to make the purchasing process as competitive and objective as possible, while striving to promote high standards for all business relationships. The department endeavors to obtain, on a timely basis, quality products and services as economically as possible as well as satisfying the specific needs of various operating departments, while assuring that the taxpayers receive the maximum value for each dollar expended.

If you are interested in doing business with the county, you must complete a mailing list application to be added to the department's mailing list. Chesterfield County maintains a mailing list as part of its competitive bidding and competitive negotiation processes for procurement of goods and services. This list is used to solicit vendors for purchases of $50,000 or greater. To be included on this mailing list, please check those commodities/services for which you wish to receive notification of Invitations for Bids and/or Requests for Proposals.

An application with all categories selected will not be considered a valid application. Please do not add additional commodities/services. The Purchasing Department updates this document and adds additional categories when the need arises. If you do not see a listing for the goods or services that you provide, please call (804) 748-1617.

It will be your firm's responsibility to send an updated application when you have any changes in commodities or services.

The Purchasing Department posts all Current Invitations for Bid and Request For Proposals on the county's web site. Vendors interested in viewing that information can find it here. Or you can visit the Purchasing Department web site for additional information.

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