Chesterfield Business Assistance

Workforce Services

In Chesterfield County, Workforce Services programs are among the incentives offered and administered by the Virginia Department of Business Assistance. Chesterfield works closely with the state to help expanding or relocating companies reduce their up-front human resource development costs. The mission of the program is to train Virginians for specific employment opportunities. Since the program was created more than 30 years ago, Workforce Services has assisted more than 3,100 companies and has trained more than 184,000 Virginians.

To be eligible for the program, a company must create at least 25 new jobs and invest $1,000,000 within a one-year period. Among the companies assisted are Ford Motor Company, Canon, MCI, Mitsubishi Kasei, Gateway Computers, Panasonic, and Motorola.

Workforce Services is funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and services include consulting, recruitment, pre-employment assessment, and on-the-job training programs to meet company's start-up or expansion requirements. Workforce Services consultants also are involved in the interviewing of trainees, ISO 9000 quality orientation, and will also coordinate a company's specific training needs with any of Virginia's 84 institutions of higher learning.

For more information visit the VDBA web site.

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